Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale – IRCCS di Reggio Emilia (AUSL-RE)

Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale – IRCCS di Reggio Emilia (AUSL-RE)

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Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale – IRCCS di Reggio Emilia (AUSL-RE) provides National Health Service in the Reggio Emilia province (533.000 inhabitants), including in-patients, out-patients, primary and preventive care. AUSL-RE includes six hospitals, one of which is the IRCCS research hospital.

The Radiation Oncology Unit of AUSL-RE is nationally renowned and has a good level of extra-provincial attractiveness (around 5% of patients). The unit uses innovative and highly complex radiation techniques, including SBRT, as well as multimodal imaging for defining the target volumes, and optimising the dose distribution of the plans. In 2019 over 1,900 patients were treated, including over 400 SBRT treatments. AUSL-RE was the first Italian center, and among the first centres in Europe, to activate in 2001 intensity modulated treatments of both static (IMRT) and rotational (IMAT) type. In particular, close collaboration with the Nuclear Medicine complex unit has led to the routine introduction, since 2003, of PET imaging in the planning of complex treatments, first of all head-neck and lung cancers. Close collaboration with Medical Physics and Nuclear Medicine units has led, since 2004, to the reinforcement of multimodal imaging for a more precise definition of target volume, dose painting treatments and patient follow-up.

The Cardiological Department of AUSL-RE is the principal reference center for the province of Reggio Emilia (over 500,000 people). The Cardiology Arrhythmology Unit is part of the Cardiology Department that groups the cardiology units present in three AUSL hospitals. The unit has a strong extra-provincial attraction, as one of two HUB centres for almost 5 million people. Current treatments include all invasive and non-invasive procedures concerning rhythm issues, and catheter ablations are routinely performed for all types of ventricular arrhythmias, idiopathic and correlated to structural heart diseases.

Annual treatment figures are: 350 PM implants, 100 ICD implants, 80 EP studies, 250 RF ablation respectively (on average 80 atrial fibrillation ablation/year and 50 VT ablation/year). In addition, there is active participation in national and international trials in the field of syncope study and cardiac ablation.

Our Cardiology Arrhythmology Center has a large experience and expertise in heart mapping, ablation, and monitoring, and has participated in many national and international clinical studies.

The Medical Physics Unit (MPU) guarantees the application of physics concepts, theories, and methods to all medical and health activities in the entire AUSL-RE. It is split into different subgroups, including radiation therapy and interventional activities (e.g., cardiology).

The Bioethics Unit  of AUSL-RE contributes to the ethical aspects of all scientific studies carried out in our IRCCS. The unit assesses and promotes quality of care for patients, family carers and health care professionals throughout empirical bioethics research projects. The unit has extensive experience and a high level of expertise, as showcased by studies published in different research areas.

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Dr. Carlo Botrugno

Carlo Botrugno is a consultant at the Bioethics Unit of AUSL-IRCCS Reggio Emilia and research fellow at the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Florence where he coordinates the Research Unit on Everyday Bioethics and Ethics of Science (RUEBES). He has extensive experience on the regulation of new technologies in healthcare - particularly telemedicine and ehealth - along with their ethical and social implications. Within the STOPSTORM, he manages the ethical and legal aspects posed by experimental stereotactic treatment (WP6).

Dr. Cinzia Iotti

Dr. Cinzia Iotti is the director of the Radiation Oncology Department at AUSL-RE. She has extensive experience in stereotactic and hyperfractionated treatments, at national level. Dr. Iotti will be involved in the clinical aspects of the project, namely patient accrual, target definition, critical structures contouring and treatment planning and evaluation (WP3).

Dr. Patrizia Ciammella

Dr. Patrizia Ciammella is a senior radiation oncologist at AUSL-RE. She has a extensive expertise in hyperfractionation and SBRT treatments (particularly brain, lung and abdomen tumours. Dr. Ciammella will be the coordinator of STOPSTORM at AUSL-RE, and will be involved in patient accrual, target definition, and treatment planning and evaluation (WP3).

 Dr. Revelli Matteo

Dr. Revelli Matteo is a senior radiologist, with great experience in the contouring of heart substructures. He will provide support to the radiation oncologists in the segmentation of the heart district and during patient accrual and target definition (WP3).

Dr. Nicola Bottoni

Dr. Nicola Bottoni is in charge of the Cardiology Arrhythmology Center of AUSL-RE. He is a senior cardiologist with a great amount of experience in electrophysiology, in particular for electroanatomical heart mapping of VT and thermoablation. Dr. Bottoni will supervise the electrophysiology activities, and will be involved in patient accrual, target definition and cardiological follow-up (WP3). 

Dr. Ludovica De Panfilis 

Dr. Ludovica De Panfilis is a Researcher and a Bioethicist at AUSL-RE. She is responsible for the Bioethics Unit of AUSL-RE. She has graduated in philosophy and she has a PhD in Law and New Technologies - Bioethics, with expertise in ethics of care, medical ethics, end-of-life care, ethics of palliative care and qualitative research. Dr. De Panfilis will be responsible (leader) for the Ethics Work Package (WP6).

Dr. Salvatore Cozzi

Dr. Salvatore Cozzi is a radiation oncologist at AUSL-RE. He is an expert in SBRT treatment, especially for tumours of lung and abdomen. Dr. Cozzi will be involved in patient accrual, target definition, treatment planning approval, and patient follow-up (WP3). In addition he is involved in establishing parameters of the observational validation cohort, and will participate in data collection of patients outside the prospective validation cohort (WP1).

Dr. Mauro Iori

Dr. Mauro Iori is the director of the Medical Physics Unit at AUSL-RE. He has extensive experience in the physics of radiotherapy, particularly on dosimetric planning, pre-clinical dosimetry, quality controls, and medical imaging. Dr. Iori will be responsible (co-leader) for Quality and Assurance Work Package (WP4), and will supervise all the medical physics activities related to the project.

Dr. Andrea Botti

Dr. Andrea Botti is a senior medical physicist working at AUSL-RE. He will provide support in the coordination of Quality and Assurance Work Package (WP4). He is an expert in treatment planning and dosimetry aspects, especially in planning evaluation and automated planning. In addition, he has expertise in statistical analysis, quality controls for medical imaging equipment and will supervise the treatment planning benchmark results processing.

Dr. Valeria Trojani

Dr. Valeria Trojani is a medical physicist at AUSL-RE. Her area of expertise ranges among automated planning algorithms for radiation therapy, radiomic analysis and modelling for patient stratification as well as mathematical models implementations for contrast-detail curves in medical imaging. She will follow the activities in Quality and Assurance Work Package (WP4), and will analyse and report the results for the treatment planning benchmark.

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