STOPSTORM is the acronym for “Standardized Treatment and Outcome Platform for Stereotactic Therapy ORe-entrant tachycardia by a Multidisciplinary” consortium.

In this project patients who are suffering from ventricular tachycardia – a dangerously fast heart rhythm – are treated using a radiation technique that is currently used mainly for lung cancer. 

“This is already done in various places since 2014. But the effects of this treatment have not been properly tracked everywhere. With our consortium, we want to put together a large data set of several hundreds of patients in order to better map the results. This will help us understand what dose must be administered and how this can best be administered." -Joost Verhoeff, Radiation Oncologist & Project Coordinator emeritus, UMC Utrecht.

SNOSTORM Symposium

SNOSTORM 2024 Logo

Registration open now! 

We are happy to announce that the collaboration with our USA colleagues and their SNORAD project is again taking place this fall! Please join us for our third hybrid SNOSTORM symposium on September 2 - 4, 2024.

General attendants please register via https://amc.registraid.com/snostorm2024/reg.

STOPSTORM consortium members (non-speakers) please use https://amc.registraid.com/snostorm2024/consort to register.

Click here for the schedule!

We are looking forward to meeting you then!

These are the people that gathered last year during SNOSTORM2023 in St. Louis

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